Today, children and families in Ukraine are falling victim to the terrors of war.

WIZO is here for them.

We are seeking funds in order to assist 2 different groups of Ukrainian children:

    1. The large, constantly growing number of children who will be sent to WIZO Youth Villages as refugees
    2. Those who already live and study in WIZO Youth Villages as part of the Naale program for international students

The Ukrainian children and teens we expect to take in the coming weeks and months:

Galia Meron, Director of WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village, and all other Youth Village directors are striving to accommodate as many refugee youths as possible. These teens will be arriving emotionally broken with practically nothing to wear other than the clothes on their backs. After undergoing professional assessments to determine their emotional state, WIZO will provide counseling, any necessary medications, and psychiatric care in their native language.

To meet their social needs, additional youth counselors will need to be hired, along with enrichment programming and tutoring to fill their educational gaps and challenges.

The Ukrainian children in our youth villages:

This past week has been filled with fear and increasing anxiety for the 68 Ukrainian teens already living and studying in WIZO’s youth villages. Having made aliya, they were hopeful that their families would soon follow and join them in Israel, but suddenly nothing seemed certain anymore as they watched the news and prayed for their family’s safety.

Galia Meron told us about a student named Irena*: “She was distraught and appeared lost. I saw her wandering on the campus grounds; she couldn’t stop crying and shaking. All I could do to try to comfort her was to wrap my arms around her and hug her.

Irena is one of 68+ students who need WIZO’s help to cope emotionally. She and her peers require extra support and psychotherapy that could not have been predicted.

To respond to each teenager’s needs during the traumatic situation, WIZO will be providing treatment and medical care not covered by Israel’s national health insurance.

Please give generously during this time of need.


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