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Women for women – the heart of WIZO

Since its inception, the women of WIZO have stood for women’s rights and helped women in all echelons of society. Adapting to emergent needs, our social efforts today specifically target women living with violence, single mothers and teenage girls at risk all while developing young vibrant social women leaders.
Our Main Goals:
✓ To empower women across Israel.

✓ To raise the numbers of women in positions of power and influence.

✓ To promote policies and legislation that aim to achieve gender equality.

✓ To reduce violence in Israeli society.

To achieve these goals WIZO operates…
Empowerment & Leadership Programs for Women and Girls

WIZO runs programs for single mothers, battered women, and girls at risk in difficult situations. These programs empower them to lead independent and stable lives. On the other end of the spectrum, WIZO holds courses and workshops in community leadership and politics for those who exhibit leadership qualities and ambitions. Through these courses, women and girls develop their skills and bring improvements to their communities.

Legal Aid and Advice

WIZO offers legal aid and advice in WIZO branches, in online forums, and through a helpline, all staffed by volunteer professionals. Areas of advice include sexual harassment, rights of women at work, and family law.

WIZO USA USA Sponsored Projects
WIZO changes the lives of women, children, and youth in Israel every day.
The Janet Burros Center For The Treatment And Prevention Of Violence

Domestic violence often destroys families. But it doesn’t have to. When the family can be helped and the abuser rehabilitated, WIZO steps in. This not only saves the family, but it prevents the abuse from continuing to the next generation.

Without WIZO

Families living with a violent father are at physical risk as well as risk for failure. Often, kids do not want to come home and cannot concentrate in school. They perform poorly academically and may develop a host of psychological and emotional issues. Without intervention, violence will continue, and the family will suffer.


WIZO’s three Centers for the Treatment and Prevention of Violence are dedicated to stopping acts of abuse and to help violent members of the family deal with difficulties in a non-threatening way. The individual and group programs are run at the center while maintaining the family unit and eliminating violence. The staff includes social workers who specialize in anger management and the treatment of domestic violence as well as dedicated volunteers. The centers specialize in the effects of abuse on children and offer group and individual counseling for children. Our centers have saved hundreds of families from violence.

Why We Need You

WIZO needs additional funds in order to be able to save the families that turn to us.

“The house is so much calmer. We all work together to talk through the issues instead of screaming and yelling. It is a group effort but it works.”

Violent Men's Hotline

It is estimated that there are 200,000 battered women and 600,000 children who are exposed to domestic violence in Israel. Most programs that aim to reduce domestic violence focus on removing the wife and children from the home. WIZO believes that it is possible to reduce domestic violence by treating the violent person himself and we are dedicated to doing so.

Without WIZO

A man who is violent and incapable of handling his emotions and frustrations in a nonviolent way most often lashes out at those closest to him. The whole family suffers. The children develop emotional issues, often suffering in school and socially. The family unit is damaged. Without treatment, the violence continues and can even reoccur generationally.


WIZO runs the only helpline of its kind in Israel to assist violent men in taking responsibility and getting the help they need. Many violent men do not want to be abusive but lack the tools they need to deal with their anger in nonviolent ways. The advice hotline, staffed by trained volunteers, provides initial support and encouragement and guides the men towards the best next step towards complete support. The anonymous nature of the hotline allows for men to call without the fear of stigma.

Why We Need You

WIZO wants to expand the hours of operation in order to help more men overcome their violent tendencies and prevent the disintegration of families.

“I was alone with my anger and had nowhere to turn. Calling the hotline gave me the first step to change my ways and have better communication with my family.”

Gina Fromer Shelters For Battered Women

There are at least 200,000 women living with abuse in Israel. Most of these women have no safe place to go. WIZO runs two shelters for battered women and their children to them from violent conditions.

Without WIZO

Women who have lived with abusive men are in acute danger of losing their lives. Every passing day, their children are at a greater physical and psychological risk. Without a safe place to go and without intervention, it is a matter of time until they are irreversibly harmed.

With WIZ
WIZO’s shelters provide safety and security for women and children fleeing abusive men. The shelters accommodate families for a minimum of six months at a time. Children who come here are either witnesses to the abuse or have been abused themselves. Many have trauma from the events. A main goal of the shelters is to prepare the mothers and children for an independent and violence-free life. To this end, the shelters provide group and individual therapies as well as tutoring to assist in any lack in studies. Mothers receive legal aid, therapy, and job training.

Why We Need You

WIZO is currently raising funds to enhance the shelters’ Independence Programs which prepare women for the day after when they leave the shelters for a new life.

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“When I left the shelter I was stronger and more independent than ever. WIZO took me out of the darkness that was my life.”


WIZO USA, The Women’s International Zionist Organization, is a worldwide non-profit organization that operates over 800 social welfare projects in Israel.


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