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Since the terrifying day of October 7th, 2023, Sderot’s 30,000 residents have been refugees in their own land. As the residents begin to return, WIZO has launched our Open House to function as a center for professional treatment, therapy, and support programs to serve the thousands of children and families who are finally returning home.

Our Main Goal:

✓ To build and strengthen family resilience in the face of continuous trauma.

To achieve this goal WIZO is implementing new programs…

Parents and Children Workshop Program
 Meetings aimed at strengthening the parent-child bond and acquiring coping skills for dealing with stress through creativity, music, movement, and play. The sessions are held every afternoon once a week with professional facilitators from the Hosen Center.

Mother’s Touch
Throughout the sessions, we address the significance of motherhood in Sderot, strengthening resilience, and resources as means of healthy coping, and enjoying quality time of mother and baby.

Mom’s Time
A workshop for processing the parental experience for women after childbirth, consisting of 4 sessions where the dialogue is emotional and empowering. A group of women discusses family conflicts, intergenerational transmission, and the unique self-belief of each mother. Facilitated by a qualified psychologist.

Safe Transition
A program is a preparation program for first grade, where children attend two-hour sessions twice a week throughout the year, led by a certified kindergarten teacher and a professional instructor. Originally designed to focus on language acquisition and language skills, the program, initially aimed at immigrant children, has become sought after citywide (with approximately 70% of the program’s children being immigrants). Children learn to organize with equipment, read stories, share experiences, and practice various language skills through painting, playing, and creating.

Storytelling for Young Children:

Through storytelling, children can externalize and make sense of their experiences, develop language skills to express emotions, and build resilience through narrative processing.

Art Therapy

Art therapy provides a safe and non-verbal space for individuals to express and process trauma-related emotions and experiences through creative expression.

 Through capturing images and reflecting on them, photo-therapy allows individuals to explore and communicate their trauma narratives visually, aiding in processing and understanding their experiences.

Therapeutic Gardening
Gardening can offer a therapeutic environment for trauma survivors to practice mindfulness, reconnect with nature, and cultivate a sense of agency and growth after experiencing trauma.

Self-Defense Classes
Learning self-defense skills empower trauma survivors by promoting physical safety, boundary-setting, and a sense of control over their bodies and personal space.

Room for Play
Designed for parents and children aged 2-3, it aims to strengthen the parent-child bond and provide tools for parents dealing with the challenges of child-rearing, especially in stressful situations, through games, movement, and music. The program was developed and is operated in collaboration with the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma, facilitated and guided by a professional team.

WIZO California Sponsored Projects

WIZO changes the lives of women, children, and youth in Israel every day.

Sderot Day Care Centers

Daycare Centers

The infant and toddler years are the most formative of childhood. Delayed development, unmet needs, or suppressed growth can negatively affect a child’s abilities for years to come.

WIZO USA believes in giving each child the very best start in life and does so for every one of the 200 children in its 3 daycare centers we recently re-opened in Sderot.

Without WIZO USA

The price of daycare is often too high to make it worth a mother returning to work. This is especially true for children from low socio-economic backgrounds where a mother will choose to save the money and keep the child at home. As a result, the child may not get the educational and social stimulation he needs for his age and the mother will not re-enter the workforce, losing her salary and lowering her future earning potential.


WIZO USA offers full daycare so that parents can go to work knowing their children are in the best hands possible. The daycare centers are priced so that mothers can go to work and provide vital financial support for their families. Children of all backgrounds spend their days in a warm loving environment with all they need to thrive and grow. The children gain developmental skills, get warm, nutritious meals, excellent education, play time and any therapies that may be needed.

Why We Need You

WIZO USA seeks to maintain its high standard of care and professionalism in its current day care centers and to continue to invest in its children, the future of Israel, by opening additional centers around the country.

“Thanks to WIZO USA, I can go to work feeling calm and secure, knowing that my son is in a great framework that gives him all he needs.”


WIZO USA, The Women’s International Zionist Organization, is a worldwide non-profit organization that operates over 800 social welfare projects in Israel.


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